Open Source DNN Bootstrap Contact Us Module

An open source bootstrap contact us form for DNN 7 and above.

Gus Beare

I've been working with DNN since version 4. Since then I've used several third party contact form modules. Usually at some point I would find that the module could not be customised for the client's requirements.

I am a big fan of Xmod and have often used this to build contact forms. It's great if you're doing a lot of bespoke work across the site and can justify the licence fee. But for most sites I just want a single customisable enquiry form.

After using DNN for a while I started building my own modules and as my skills grew I started to find it quicker and more satisfactory to build my own forms and lists.

I needed to build something that worked in a Bootstrap skin. I also needed to log the enquiries to a table so that admin users could check from time to time to be sure that emails were not going missing.

So I built a module and put the source on Github.

DNN Boostrap contact form

This is only a basic cut. More features will be added as and when time allows.

For more information and the source code please visit my Github repo:

DNN Contact Form Module